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Expectant & Parenting Resources

Teen parents
Being a new mother or father is extremely challenging for people of all ages. If you are expectant or parenting, there are lots of resources to help you with decision making, learning about your baby, and his or her needs, and accessing services and resources to support you. Do seek support as nothing replaces having a trusted adult to talk to about your decisions and concerns.

Your Health
Getting prenatal care early, eating well, taking prenatal vitamins, staying away from drugs and alcohol are all extremely important during pregnancy! Practicing safer sex and planning for your health, planned parenthood, and sexual health are all important topics once you are a parent.

Your Rights
You have rights as a parent, even if you are in foster care. Nobody can “take your baby” without cause.

Some information and legal resources include:

Your Choices
Discovering that you are about to become a mother or father is pretty overwhelming. Here are some resources to help you navigate decisions and planning during a pregnancy, or even after a baby is born: