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The Readily at Hand online application provides a checklist of key documents and experiences needed as you transition to adulthood. You can track your progress and add notes as you move through the checklist. By setting up and signing into your own account, you can update the checklist as your status changes and save your information.

The online application allows you to login using any of the following:

  • Google/Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Windows/Hotmail
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

If you do not have one of the above accounts, you can easily create a Google account for email and access to free tools. Click on to setup a new Google account.

  1. Access the application, click on the BLUE login button (in the upper right corner) to create an account, in order to track progress and save your work.
  2. Click on each checklist item to see more information and enter your progress and notes.
  3. Be sure to log out of the application, especially if you are using a shared/public computer!
  4. Please do not enter personally identifiable information (name, date of birth, address, etc.) into the checklist as this application is not secure or HIPAA compliant.

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Looking for the original PDF version?

Click here to download the PDF Readily At Hand Checklist. This checklist can be used by those concerned about collecting and storing your information online. This version of the checklist can be downloaded to your computer then completed and saved.

Original Readily at Hand Checklist and Documentation: