How Your Business Can Help

It's My Move is established as an innovative approach to enhancing the supports available to foster youth as they transition of adulthood. Youth ages 16-21 are offered an opportunity to gain social and adaptive living skills training in a supportive atmosphere. It is a program based on positive youth development that identifies natural supports and linkages to employment and educational opportunities.

The It's My Move program prepares young people without family support for future success in the workplace and in the community. Every year, hundreds of West Virginia children leave the foster care system as adults, without family support in making the critical decisions that all young people face. Where will I live?

Youth participating in It's My Move are being given the skills they need to be effective workers, citizens, and parents who realize their dreams of success and give back to our community. You can be a part of this new program by offering financial support, job placement, volunteer opportunities, neighborhood acceptance, educational support and opportunities. Are you willing to rent to a young person looking for their first apartment? Are there discounts you can offer to the young adult participants in the It's My Move program? How about being a guest speaker or sponsoring a care-package when a young adult has been successfully moved into their own apartment? Can your bank provide free checking, or safety deposit boxes? Youth need housing and jobs and it is important for renters and employers to be willing to lease to and hire our young adults. We need your help.

Click here to download the "Be an 'It's My Move' Business Partner" brochure.